Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Veal Prince Orloff

Several years ago when I owned the cafe, one of my customers and I were chatting about dinner parties.  Marilyn is just a tad older than I am, so when I said to her that I was the Mary Richards of dinner parties, I assumed she knew what I meant.

She didn't, Marilyn looked at me with thinly veiled contempt and said, "Well, I'm not, I'm terrible at throwing dinner parties."

Sigh.  And so was Mary Richards.

Here's today's history lesson.  Many decades ago there was an awesome sitcom called The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary was a plucky young news producer carving out her own place in the working world during the sexual revolution.  Mary was beautiful, smart, a great friend and had a fantastic wardrobe, but even though she tried and tried, could not throw a successful dinner party.

Her most famous dining debacle was the night of Veal Prince Orloff; Mr. Grant was not only extra cranky, but he took half of the portions of veal and Rhoda brought an unexpected guest.  The poor guy had just lost his job, but the good news about that was in just a couple of short years, that guy landed a great gig on Happy Days and became one of the most loved icons in America.

So what do Henry Winkler, MTM and dinner parties have to do with me and The Last Prospector?  Great question, glad you asked.

Not long ago, I started a contest called the Name Game so I could give away some copies of my book and, thus far, I have received no entries.  Not a one.  Not even from my sister who is supposed to support me in these things -- that's right I called you out Shaman Ydemon!

This is most disheartening, so I am asking nicely.  Please enter my contest, especially since right now, your chances of winning are excellent.  All you need to do is make up a name and send it on, you could possibly win a copy of The Last Prospector and you will absolutely, definitely make me smile brighter than a lighthouse at midnight.

And the other thing that Mary Richards and I have in common is that we can both turn the world on with our smile :)


  1. entries in your name game. That is simply tragic! I got a name for ya. Kvenk. Not sure if you want a first and last name, but Kvenk came to mind for some reason. Your book sounds like a great read and I'd love to win a copy. My husband and I love reading fantasy novels. Hubby especially. Best of luck and I hope that 2013 brings you all the success you hope for :D

  2. Hi, I have a name for you, Chloe Guilfoyle. I love reading and am an aspiring author. That's a goal of mine this year; I just have to put it all together. Good luck on your book series. I always watched MTM, love Henry Winkler, and I have always said the only thing Martha Stewart has over me is "money." I've thrown dinner parties for 100+ people. My family calls me a "food snob." The first type of business I looked into when researching - catering... Here's to 2013!

    1. I'm jealous of your skills, I can cook the food but not throw the party! Thanks for the entry.

  3. Very interesting read, love to see more of it..

  4. Hi Cairn! Had I known about your Name Game I would have been the first one to join it. I'm on the other side of the globe which may make it impossible for you to ship the book to where I am (too assuming I'm going to win? ha-ha.)but I'd really like to make you smile brighter than a lighthouse at midnight.

    And the name is...

    Jean Mann Tutten

    I really enjoyed reading you. Will be coming back for more :-)

  5. Ouch! Okay, I got behind in my reading and I still haven't found the original post for the contest... and in my final defence aren't family members excluded from entering contests as a general rule?

    Okay two entries and bonus points for figuring them out. :)
    Sabra Ennili
    Ixcalurio Scuprene