Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Metaphysician

It is day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I have a raft of ideas for posts on my big board, but none of those are ringing my bells this morning.  Instead, my mind keeps wandering off to think about all the other blogs that I've been reading and why those are the ones I chose.

There are nearly 1,000 people participating in the challenge this month, nearly 1,000 distinct points of view offering me a glimpse of their worlds, and I can't read them all.  So I peruse all the offerings, steering away from anything about sports, business that doesn't apply to publishing and anything that refers to organized religion.

If there is one thing on this Earth that doesn't need organizing, it's religion.  Faith is a sprawling mess and trying to contain it or codify it is a fool's errand.  And don't even get me started on sports, I live with a sports fiend and watch way more of them than I like.  Let me just say here that most of today's top athletes are whining babies who play a game - FOR A LIVING - and complain it about it ceaselessly.  Grow up or get a real job, a REAL job would cure all those divas right quick.

So, what are the posts that draw in my eyes?  Anything quirky, someone posted about the color orange yesterday and I clicked on that right away; I'm also attracted to posts encouraging people to be bolder, crazier and more vivid in their everyday lives.  But the ones I tend to click most are the posts that speak to the esoteric energies of existence; visualization, magnetization and manifestation.

I read Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach when I was in my early teens and saw right away the many wisdoms in that book.  My family was Catholic before the divorce, my mom used to work for the diocese but many experiences there soured her on that religion.  I am the youngest child and the only one who was never baptized, so I did not get the dreaded catechism that my older siblings had to endure.

What I did get was a mom who spent years shopping for a new religion, one that spoke to her in a truthful voice without any hidden agendas.  As a kid, my absolute favorite was the Holy Rollers, finally a church that encouraged fidgeting!  And they gave us Mary Janes after Sunday school.

Mom eventually found a church that satisfied her but could never understand how that experience of faith shopping drove me away from religion altogether.  It never took me away from God, in fact I think it moved me much closer, once I eliminated the middle man.  But true religion is inside me, where God resides inside me, and it moves with me wherever I go.

Since my young mind was never trained to listen to the tenets of major religions, it had the freedom to travel down many spiritual roads, just to see where they led.  All roads lead to energy in one form or another, the understanding that everything is energy and that energy is easily manipulated forms the basis of my personal religion.

That awareness of energy formed the matrix from which Solstice emerged, the land itself was formed by small bits of matter being caught in a net of energy and is held together by the combined energies of the light stealers.  The magicks of Solstice are an everyday fact of life, the citizens of the tiers understand that the magick, or energy, is in the air all around them just waiting for a direction.

But we live in that kind of world too, at least I do, I see the magicks in the air and seek to harness them.  And I am not alone, not by a country mile, there are millions of us out there who live in the light and splash regularly in the fountain of creation.  We are disorganized and happy to be so, we have the same worries and pains as everyone else but see avenues of relief that others miss and we are always happy to make room at the fountain for everyone else.


  1. I loved this. "We are disorganized and happy to be so" is such a lovely statement. This series sounds fabulous. I actually love to help fellow authors promo their work (free). If you are interested, drop me a line! Basically I do a tarot reading for your character and you respond as the character. Like I said,free. It's my giveback to the writing community.

  2. A couple of years ago my husband and I were shopping for a church because of getting burned really badly at the church we had been members of for a decade. We need to remember that people are fallible, and that it doesn't reflect badly on who God is.

  3. I can't agree with you more on the whole Sports thing! Thankfully, I have a husband that's more geek than jock! I will, on rare occasion, watch a Hockey game, but that's Canada for ya, eh? Great post :D

  4. I love Canada :) I made a great friend via World of Warcraft who lives in New Brunswick, she's a Micmac and there are many Micmac derived names in my books. In fact, one of my major characters got her name from my friend's WoW handle, so viva Canada!

  5. Cairn, I'd be happy to host a guest blog post from you about your book on my blog, the Writer's Fun Zone ( I too feel the magic everywhere, and write fantasy and paranormal, because for me that's what's normal.

  6. I am not sure what you think of this, but I feel a real connecting with your writing, and agree with all that you mention, in fact I see a lot of parallels with how my own life has evolved so far.

  7. God has no religion
    ~Mahatma Gandhi

    One of my favorit quotes of all time.

    Greetings from UBC, :-)

    ps. My blog is ds