Friday, January 25, 2013

Tyra Mail!

Let's be honest Travellers, you knew this day was coming. I've gone on and on about the Doctor, Lost and Buffy; but something big has been missing, something.......fierce!  Oh yeah, it's Tyra time.

Before I go any further, this needs to be said by me: I am an internet idiot minus the savant.  This is being mentioned again because of a tiny tug of war between my sister and niece.  Niece wants more pictures, I get that; most blogs have plenty of eye catching visuals that I envy.  Sister says this phrase "stealing bandwidth", I don't fully understand the concept, but I do understand the word "steal" clearly.  To err on the side of Karmic caution, I opt to only publish pictures that I take, so the long version of this story is that there are no photos of a super model in my blog about a super model.

If only I had a snap of me and Tyra doing our ugly-pretty faces, sigh.

I am one of the Top Model Obsessed people that Oxygen just loves and there is usually a full cycle of the show on my DVR so I can have a bit of Tyra-time at my leisure.  I do not know or understand why it is I find Top Model so satisfying, it's not a devotion to Tyra that inspired me to watch the very first time.

In truth, I fast forward through many of the Tyra bits of the show that aren't judging panel because I can't stand her embarrassing fake accents and little 'acting' exercises she likes to indulge in.  Is Tyra Banks a narcissistic fame whore?  Very much yes.  Is she the multi-talented singing/acting/writing/dancing uber-threat she pretends to be?  God no.  But did Tyra Banks single handedly change the face of both reality television AND modeling?  Oh yes, Tyra did do that.

Here's my overall concept on how the mentally imbalanced people of history shaped our world.  If one does not have at least a touch of the crazy, you can't get anywhere.  Think about the great conquerors and leaders, you can't get there without being narcissistic enough to want that for yourself; to be willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people just to be in charge.  Only crazy people go for that and only crazy people truly succeed.

Now I don't think that Tyra is planning a violent coup any time soon, but she doesn't have to, Tyra has already taken over.  It did not come easily to her and it did not come quickly, but Tyra kept trying, she keeps trying and she has my eternal respect for that.  Tyra Banks is not afraid to put herself out there in scary places, like her failed singing career from Cycle 2.  She's not a bad singer, but a boring one and that went nowhere; people mocked her efforts but that did not stop Tyra from trying something else.

She wrote a book, I haven't read it but can say with absolute authority that it is garbage.  How can I say that?  Because Tyra Banks does nothing anymore that doesn't become part and parcel of Top Model.  It's kind of her way of shoving the naysayer's noses right into her success.  Take that Naomi Campbell - and good luck with your Top Model rip off The Face.  But that book and its obscene drivel are part of the Top Model canon now, complete with a miniature movie and thunderously stupid nicknames for all.

It is very easy to mock Tyra (see above paragraphs) and I am not blind to how ridiculous she can be. But I am also not blind to all that she has achieved and I know that she could not have done all that without daring to be ridiculous.  Top Model is changing the world, starting with how we define beauty and that is mostly Tyra's doing; she see's the beauty in the short girls, fat girls, older girls (gasp! you're 22 and just starting out??  but you are older than dirt and your looks have already withered away) and even girls with vicious burn scars.  Tyra embraced all the beauty and shoved it down the industry's throat, she took their power away and gave it back to the women.

Anyone who takes a close look at Tyra can see that she genuinely wants other people to succeed, she wants all of us to embrace our inner beauty and open up to the beauty of others.  Tyra is a wonderful role model and a classy lady worthy of respect.  In closing I will share one of the best pieces of advice that Tyra Banks has given me.

Don't dull your shine for anyone.

Fierce and Love,


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