Monday, January 14, 2013

Magick Spell

Uh oh Travellers!  I'm having one of my notions and it's time to let you in on it from the ground floor.  Just minutes ago, I was lounging on my bed watching the birds and thinking about how words ignite magic.  It's an idea more fully expressed in Travellers & Tramps, but put simply, I was wondering how the energy I put into the words of this blogs manifests in the lives of the readers.

I know that I am overflowing, bubbling and twitching positive energy right now, that energy doesn't just evaporate away, it is going somewhere specific.  The energy is going towards all of you, it flows out of my mind on a river of intent and changes to kinetic energy as my fingers fly over the keyboard.  It got me to wondering if all my blog posts are magic spells in a way, a way of harnessing energy in specific ways to suit my ends.

The next idea made me all tingly.  What if I deliberately cast a magic spell on my words?  Nothing ominous or thunderous, just an experiment in the movement of energy.  I have a fountain of bright light and there's plenty to go around, so let's see if it does indeed go around.

If these kinds of things make you uncomfortable, stop reading here.

If you are still here, good for you!  It's just a bit of science after all.

This is a magickal spell, everyone who reads these words will be soon blessed with a moment of perfect beauty.

Okay, that was it.  I don't have a magic wand, but I don't think I need one - not that a magic wand would not be cool.  Remember Travellers, this is for science, so make sure to report your findings.

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