Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blahg, Blahg, Blahg

Oh I know this is going to earn me some haters, but I'm an opinionated gal - you may have noticed.  So I've been doing a blog challenge this month and therefore reading a lot of blogs, most of them I would never go near under different circumstances.

And with good reason, many of them are completely worthless.

Far too many of them deal with the *struggle* to take control of their own lives, to fight the evil media barons that allegedly rob them of something important or to just walk away from that job/relationship/social media that is bringing them down.

Oh boo hoo, if you don't have something meaningful to contribute, then shut the hell up.  Just because a blog is available, it doesn't mean you should regurgitate every pithy saying that crosses your path.  You are accountable for YOUR own life and only YOU can control how outside forces affect YOU.

Blaming the outside forces is not only a waste of time and energy, but also a fantastic way to skip out on your obligation to your own self.

Quit whining and start doing, there is a brilliant blog down that road.

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