Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lasting Memories

Is it Saturday already?

I always hear it when they’re together, especially when they think I’m not listening.

I’m always listening harder when they think I’m not, it’s a mom thing.

The two of them laughing, they laugh so loud and easily

I say that I’m happy they’re friends, they retort NO and NUH UH as one

Just because we go shopping together, to the movies together

Does NOT mean we are ‘friends’ with eye rolls

Then I leave the room and the laughter starts again

Laughing at Mother’s foolish notions again

Their laughter is the soundtrack of my heart

One long lasting memory


  1. Beautiful! Their laughter is the soundtrack of my heart - loved this!

  2. And a good memory too. Very nice. Dropping by from Corinne's 100 words.