Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Was Born

I’m a Scorpio, the sign that rules birth and death

I have lived a thousand lives

I have died a thousand times

But I do not mourn the losses

Because each time I was reborn

Like a Phoenix, I rise from the ashes

More glorious than I was before

I am perpetually reborn in glory

I die every day

Every day I am reborn

I am the Phoenix, I am glorious

I was born, I am born, I will be reborn

Each death was but a step on a path

Each birth is a new beginning

Glory for the Phoenix


  1. I like to think each of us reborn each time we discover something new about ourselves, a new passion or dream, and follow it.

    1. What if that is the strict truth? I mean, if the idea of parallel universes is true, that we split into several different realities each time we make a decision, then each decision, each split is a birth.

      Oh lordy, I hoped that makes sense to all the people who aren't me!

  2. Being born and reborn - I'm thinking that's not confined to Scorpios surely or else my parent's got my birth date wrong!;)

    But seriously, I can see that you are in a process of reinventing yourself - I feel I am too and hence the connection.

    1. Lol, we're reinventing the wheel every day!