Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear Bruce Jenner

Dear Bruce,

I intended to write about the other Bruce today, the one I like, Springsteen.  But you have been on my mind Bruce Jenner, so this one is for you.

May I just ask where your testicles are buried?  The three of you must have parted ways after your stunning appearance in the  '76 Olympics because the IOC would have noticed their absence.

This open letter is a gift to you, a glimpse into your future.  I am the ghost of Christmas future because I have lived what you are putting your children through right now.

Oh and, by the way, you disgust me.  You are spineless and weak willed sir, there is a word I keep thinking whenever I think of you, I shan't say it in this tasteful blog, but it is synonymous with 'cat'.

Have you noticed that your wife has ruined your relationships with all of your children? I don't watch you or your soulless family's programs, but I am neither blind nor deaf so I have seen with my own eyes how your grown sons have already left you.  Now there are two young girls, girls who still have a chance to be emotionally happy people - if you ever find the courage to fight for them that is.

Yep, Kris Jenner is a monster, I've known this all along, some things you can tell just by looking Bruce.  But you are a much worse variety of monster, the kind that everyone thinks is such a nice guy and it's a helluva an act.  I'm not buying it though.

As I've said, I lived this.  I watched my biological father allow his wives who weren't my mother to separate him from his children.  It hurts like hell Bruce, to know that your own father won't fight for you, doesn't care enough about you to take a stand about your welfare.

Here's the thing Bruce, Kris couldn't have done that without your permission and assistance.  You allowed her to get between you and your sons and now you allow her to turn your youngest girls into the newest Khardashian commodities.

Someone once said that the only thing required for evil to flourish was for good men to stand aside and do nothing.  Which kind of makes those men not 'good', eh?  You are evil too Bruce Jenner, evilly standing aside because you're too much of a (cat).

What are you afraid of?  That Kris will yell at you with words?  That is terrifying, WORDS!  There's just no defense from people who yell with words.  Oh wait, yes there is.  Be a man for once, use your words to tell her to shut it and take your children away from her.  BE A MAN BRUCE JENNER.

Let me tell you what happens if you continue to walk down the path of least resistance.  You will die old, broken and alone because you taught your children that it was easier to walk away.  So they walked away from you, that's what I did.

I've got news for all you half assed fathers out there, you who think that a sperm donation was the limit of your obligations to your children.  You are not entitled to the respect and affection of your progeny, those are earned.  You cannot spend your life making your children feel second best and expect those humans to forget all of you hurtful actions.

It's not too late Bruce, not at all.  It's never too late to stand up and be a man.  It's not too late to be a real father to all of your children, to not die alone.

This all very raw and blunt, but kind words don't work on the spineless, only a stinging slaps.  I want all the Khardashians to please go away and stop making America look so bad.  You can start by stopping Kris from prostituting your underage daughters and giving those children a normal, private life.

This is California Bruce Jenner, you have rights.  Especially you Bruce Jenner!  If you just stop being so weak.

Daddy is supposed to be strong, supposed to protect you.  When do you start being Daddy?

Start right now Bruce.

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