Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why Cry

This is my response to Everyday Gyaan's 100 Words on Saturday challenge.

I’m a crier; this is well known to all.  It’s because I’m so emotional but my tears do not shame me.  Emotions are not things to be stuffed away nor ridiculed, they are the reason my species exists at all.  If we did not love and live in fear of losing that love, then humanity would still be apes in the wild.  So I cry and those tears are the evidence of my love, of my compassion and the inspiration to be better so that I won’t cry again so soon.  


  1. Yes, tears are a natural part of who we are and quite necessary at times. I love the last line. Wishing you laughter to balance your tears! :)

  2. Not to worry, I laugh as loudly as the wetness of my tears :) Thank you Corinne.