Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sacred Spaces

My lovely new friend, Corinne Rodrigues, started a writing challenge a few weeks ago.  100 Words on Saturday is a writing challenge, to take a common phrase and write exactly 100 words about what it means to you.  Fortunately, she gives us until the following Friday to post something!  Sometimes it takes me a while to work it out, but this is a challenge that I'm really enjoying.  So without further ado...

Sacred Spaces

There is one sacred space no one ever mentions, I didn’t realize it was there until I became a writer.

We talk with words, we write with words, but it’s not only the words, is it?

All those tiny spaces between the words are filled with language too.

Every comma, every pause is a sacred space

Those spaces between the words are entire worlds of possibility

A language of eyes, body movement, intonation and inflection, hope and despair

It is the sacred space of communication, when the words aren’t good enough

The words are important, the sacred spaces more so.


  1. Oh I like this, A lot. I hope to read more from you soon.

  2. I love the concept and agree that there is much more to the language of communication than the spoken words.

  3. Thanks Jan! I am loving how this challenge makes me think in a different way. Looking forward to reading yours :)