Sunday, January 20, 2013

Upcoming Attractions

Thanks for checking in this morning Travellers!  I'm going to take a couple days off from blogging so I can make some much needed changes to my little home.  The Light Stealers Song will be easier to read and navigate (fingers crossed) with lots of exciting thingies to click.

I have an announcement too, since January was the 'month of the blog', I think that February shall be the 'month of proof'.  On the first I will be starting a short story only on this blog with a new installment everyday until the 28th.  I've been telling you that I can write, so now it's time to prove that.

Make sure to come back and see the improvements and then alert the media to the wonder and awe.


  1. Wishing you lots of luck and I cannot wait to read your short story in Feb. *taps fingers* impatiently.

    1. Thanks Anita-Clare :) I'm excited about the story too, it has a name now, a beginning and an ending, so I can't wait to get it on!