Sunday, January 6, 2013


Something fabulous happened yesterday, it wasn't anything big or life altering, but it made me ridiculously happy and I'm taking it as a sign.

It's been mentioned in this blog before that I enjoy back yard bird watching, I've always enjoyed it but stopped putting out food and feeders when Charles Howard came to live with us.  I felt so guilty luring those poor birds to their certain death and CH was not a cat to let a bird just fly away unharmed.  (For the full CH story, please see the earlier blog posts The CH Thing, St. Valentines Day Massacre and Impact Craters.)

So I did not resume my bird feeding until this last summer, I knew CH wasn't coming back this time and there were no new pets on my horizon.  It started with the hummingbirds - my family will understand my new obsession with hummingbirds once Travellers & Tramps comes out - and they still come in droves.  Doves, sparrows of all types, finches, mockingbirds, and, the valley standards, scrub jays can all be found daily on my back patio.

The gold finches started coming a couple of months ago, but not for the food, they want the hummingbird nectar and aren't afraid to beat the living crap out of the feeder to get it.  I set them up with a regular bird watering tube in the climbing roses, so there is less finch-on-hummingbird action now.  William across the street gave me a feeding sock full of nyjer to attract different birds, but I guess my feng shui was all wrong, because the birdies didn't touch it until yesterday.

I asked Clyde to get out the ladder and put the sock up in the tree branches, he did and 20 minutes later the cute little gold finches were singing right outside my bedroom window.  Success!

Then it got better, dark eyed juncos!  That is a first for my backyard, but all travellers are welcome, and the patio was filled all afternoon with birdsong and feathered antics.  Clyde even mentioned how crazy full the back yard was and I said they are harbingers of fortune.

I can feel it, feel the tide coming in, and I am ready.  There is a (good) tightness in my chest that gets stronger every day, I see the energies gathering to my summons and practically percolate with excitement.  It's either going to be very wonderful or very annoying to live with me in the near future!

So now is the time Travellers, now is the time to get in on the leading edge of that wave.  There are only a couple weeks left to submit an entry for The Name Game and win a copy of The Last Prospector.  Just make up a name, any proper name for a person, place or thing, and send it on via the comment section on this page, sending me an email or posting on Prospector's facebook page.  Prospector is a warm and wonderful guy, so if you 'like' him, he'll like you right back.

It's that easy, there will be three winners plus one grand prize winner who gets a book and will see their submission used in a future book in the series.  So get those entries in now, before I take over the world.

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