Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss Anne Thrope

I love humankind; we are creative and querulous, inspirational and depraved; humans are full of surprises and mysteries that are as endlessly diverse as our fingerprints.  Yep, I love humankind very much, it is just many of the people that I can't stand.

Not you of course Travellers, you are all obviously quality persons with high standards and a refreshing zest for life.  If you are reading this, then you are awesome and no one can take that away from you.  It is all them others who aren't even trying - and that's what I loathe, the not even trying.  I mean really, what is the point of drawing breath if you aren't even in the game of life to win?

I am saying this because I have officially withdrawn from the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I'm glad I entered but that glad is almost all gone now.  It was best to get out before I said something, well something Cairn-like that is wholly based in truth but wholly unappreciated.  As you can imagine, I've had some experience with that.

It is not the challenge itself that I found daunting, obviously.  I can do a fresh blog every day from here to the rapture without recycling, reprinting or using somebody else's material. I have made some quality friends through the challenge, learned a fair bit about how to improve my blog and got pointed in the direction of a very good group of like minded folks, so it hasn't been a huge loss that I regret.

What I regret is believing that all the other participants were on the up and up like myself.  I should have known better, but I get all Pollyanna sometimes.  I performed the last integrity test on them yesterday and they failed that one just like they failed the previous three.  Seriously, four integrity tests is being very generous with them, four is a high number in certain circumstances.

There's this daily thing called the Comment Chain; if you post your blog link in the chain then you read and comment on the two posts ahead of you and everyone else does the same.  In theory.  I did my part, several times over but almost never received the same respect and that is a lack of integrity on such a fundamental level that I cannot abide.

There is a valid school of thought that I shouldn't be all sour-grapey, to not pick up my marbles and leave in a huff.  But I put my marbles in thinking that all the players were in the game, they are not which invalidates the game to me.  I'm all in, I always go all in that is just my nature, so if you are not built that way then don't play marbles with me.

This whole experience has taught me one very valuable thing.  I want true believers only, I want adventurers who are unafraid to try.  I want Travellers.

No more trading facebook likes or Twitter follows, I'll follow you if I dig you and you do the same.  If I lose some folks, then they weren't worth having to begin with and I have always been willing to live with the consequences of my words and actions.

I don't make life easy on myself, I've been hearing that since I was a toddler and that is fine with me.  If it was easy, any idiot could do it.

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