Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vision Statement

Good news!  The big board is doing its thing and a second directive has been added to the Marketing Plan page.  More research on the overall topic is still needed, but my first task has already been laid out;  a vision statement needs to be conceived and written.  I certainly like the sound of it, a formal declaration of my 'brand', where I see it going and a general nod to how I'm going to get there all in one tidy statement.

Vision is probably the most powerful tool each person has, but also the least used.  Think about it though, how often does anything of substance get done or get created unless at least one person has seen it thusly inside their own head first?  Vision is not what our eyes show us, it is what we see in our minds; it is something that is conjured up by all the senses and made a reality by the power of will.

I've always been a big believer and practitioner of visualization, mostly about food until a year ago, but I am generally inclined towards less conventional schools of thought.  Before I began writing The Last Prospector, I spent a month just thinking about it, seeing it in my head and building the world of Solstice bit by bit.  I conjured up the smell of the grassy meadows of Auld Andrew's Hearth and the exact shade of blue water in Petra Lake.  By the time I sat down to write, Solstice was as real to me as my own home and the story flowed out of me without hesitation.

Visualization takes practice and concentration, but the rewards are immeasurable.  If you are wanting to try it, click here for a simple exercise to aid in attracting love into your life.  The third posting on that page is a primer for basic visualization, so I urge you to at least look.

Ok, so I've got the vision and all I need now is the statement.  Things get a little trickier here, because the words are important you see.  First problem is that I'm not at all sure what my 'brand' is, I know that's the big thing these days, branding.  Tyra can't shut up about it on Top Model, so it must be important.  I've been auditioning various words and phrases in my head, like 'Unexpected', 'Quality Entertainment' and 'Gimme Candy'.  I suppose that last one is more my personal brand than a professional one though.

I feel too intertwined with the Song of Solstice to be able to look at it objectively and find its defining word or phrase, its brand.  If any of you has even the tiniest suggestion, please pass it on because I need to get this done.

Then that I think about it a bit more...what if I already do know my phrase??

Seriously though, this did just come to me as I wrote this.  The Song of Solstice has a brand and it is...
Travellers Welcome!

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