Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunny Side Up

It's been a good day; went grocery shopping this morning where I got a great deal on peanut butter chips, had lunch with my Dad (good Chinese and he paid) and spent some time wildlife watching in the back yard.  I live in a fairly typical and crowded neighborhood, but there is a thriving habitat around my personal space full of sparrows, squirrels and the occasional thieving raccoon.  I was very pleased to see that Little Chunk the squirrel had not been carried off by Sweetback the hawk as I had feared, but such incidents put the wild into life.

Over lunch, my father was talking about the Mayan doomsday calendar and that he feared there might be something to it, things do look bad after all.  I'll allow that, but things always look bad if you look in the right place.  I'm not saying bad things don't happen, of course they happen, bad things have always happened and will continue to do so, that is just how things are.  The current tragedies are no more tragic than the old ones though, they seem bigger to us because of their immediacy and the multitude of technologies that bring far flung disasters into the palms of our hands.

I am not here today to rail against technology or wring my hands about our species' mishandling of our own habitat.  I have but one important message to convey to anyone who is even remotely worried that everything is going to come crashing down around us by the end of this month.  You can take this right to the bank, because I am more sure of this than I'm sure there will be coffee with breakfast tomorrow.

Everything is fine, so get about living.

There you have it courageous readers, I know with absolute conviction that January 2013 will come as scheduled and everything will look pretty much the same.  Life as we know it will chug along and every single person on this planet will be awarded a gazillion more opportunities to live and live more.

You wonder how I know this?  How it is that I can so brazenly assert against wise and learned Mayan mathematicians based purely on the strength of my convictions?  Simple, the end is not nigh because I am not done yet.  In fact, I have only just started and will be damned if I let all my plans blow up purely on the power of dead men's notions.  Isn't is just too bad for the extinct Mayans, Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus that they didn't live long enough to see if they were right?  Perhaps, I say it's convenient and an alarming lack of accountability.

Your time is over and your words have no power over me, this is my time, mine and every other dreamer out there who has put sweat and faith into their dreams.  I have worked too hard to let it slip away and if I have to be the one person standing in the heart of the maelstrom pushing Satan back down with a kitchen stool, I will, because no entity in all of creation can stop me.

I will doggedly carve order out of the chaos with my chef's knife and shout the shrieking harpies into submission; I will curse the tornadoes and boil the flood waters with my rage if they dare to cross my path.  All it takes to win is belief that you will and the courage to keep fighting until you have, and I have enough belief for everyone.

So relax, because everything if fine.

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