Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Internet Algebra

I suck at algebra, let's get that right out of the way, it tormented me in both high school and college to the point of tears and truancy.  None of it sticks in my head for long, unlike the two million offhand witticisms of The Simpsons that seem to always be at the ready.  No, I never 'learned' algebra, just copied and pasted enough info to my inner clipboard to get a passing grade and get the hell out.  In fact, the only time algebra ever made sense to me was in culinary school and we had to determine how much of a fresh fish was actually edible so we could cost it out.  It was a brief, shining moment of AHA that I shall always remember.  And then promptly forgot, sigh.

The reason I'm bringing up the ugly topic of higher math is because I am gamely trying to make my blog look nicer.  I'm sure many of you are wondering how hard that actually is, it certainly sounds simple enough and there are ample blogs out there to demonstrate that it can be done.  Baby steps have been taken, obviously, and my little home on the web already looks nicer.  But computer stuff is as foreign to my thought processes as algebra and, just like those damned equations, my personal version of dyslexia kicks in so all I see are masses of wriggling symbols.

I trade in words, those come as easily to me as breath, so sitting down to knock out a blog post or a chapter is always the easy part.  Actually, I'm probably a content seeker's wet dream and am available for outside gigs, just give me a topic and I'll have some lucid words for ya in an hour or so.

Did you see what I just did up there?

Oh yes, in an effort to get out of writing about internet algebra, I have just solicited other writing work.

Hmmm, well the phone did not ring, so back to business.

This post is about three things:

  1. Explanation of why the blog looks so plain
  2. Promise to continue improving
  3. Desperate plea for help and/or feedback

I am open to suggestions, comments and even humorous derision about the look of The Light Stealers Song. To prove that I am serious, I am starting another blog (Clyde thinks I'm crazy) for fun.  This one is called Spoon! and that's where all of my golden culinary tidbits will be posted.  My hope is, that between the two blogs, I will actually be able to store some internet memory on my hard drive and stop flailing like a toddler in mud.

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