Friday, October 19, 2012

My New Best Friends

I used to wonder a lot how writers managed to create such diverse characters. It always seemed to me that they are like children and, as such all the characters you create must be like you in some way.  I don't wonder about that anymore, with three books written and a substantial cast, it is now clear to me that the characters make themselves.

Sure, I contribute by writing it all down, but those people already existed and were just waiting for a chance to speak.  There are elements of me in all of them, but they surprise me at every turn which makes writing this story an enormously good time.  Not every voice is easy for me to hear and satisfying them all can be very frustrating at times, but we all get it together in the end.  Here's a quick rundown of the major players from the first novel The Last Prospector, let's start with him.

  • Prospector, what an endearing man.  I'm not one much for believing in heroes, but Prospector is mine.  He is the kind of person I wish I could be and is one of the two most consistently surprising characters.  I so did not know going in to this that Prospector really loved cats or that he had eight siblings.
  • Tonyo Ylnaranj, so hard to write for because he is so subdued.  He was originally just a one time character named after a friend of mine, but I soon realized that he was meant for more.  I couldn't live with Gomil in the long term, sorry Gordon, so I rechristened him after my grandfather.
  • Holema Gialle, she's another hard case but I respect her.  The Doyenne is a perfectionist and demands the same of me, she's a sly one though so watch out for her.
  • Awnyx Tiell, I love this guy, love, love, love.  He sits right next to me with a cold beer and a bottle of quavit, telling me stories and making me laugh.  The Captain is full of surprises, bursting with them, and I would travel any road with that man.
  • Tibaryus Ceruleya, Prospector's brother is my first real Star Trek shout out and a clever guy.  Bary also gets the honor of homaging Dr Who, so he is truly a sci-fi hybrid.

It's my hope that everyone visits Solstice and befriends the Prospector, maybe this brief introduction will entice you to want more.  The next installment, Travellers & Tramps, opens up a broader world and introduces other great characters to the story.  I can promise you laughter, tears and a great deal of surprises if you travel along with me.

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